April 26 is National Kids and Pets Day AND National Pet Parents Day

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dog is family

The celebrations represented in the designated pet holidays for April 26 are the essence of what You Make Life Cozy is about. Dogtipper.com listed April 26 to be National Kids and Pets Day AND National Pet Parents Day. These holidays promote family life with your pets.

You Make Life Cozy is a branch off of my inspirational and life coaching brand of You Make Life...LLC.  The message is living life intentional and discovering what you truly desire. The question is "What are you making of your life?" The foundational concept is to fill in the blank. 

You make life ________. 

So when the opportunity came up to start a business making and selling dog blankets, the message still remained but the focus was on the family life and the relationships, including your beloved dog. The dog can mean safety and acceptance to a kid who grew up with a dog as his best friend.  The same feelings hold true for the parents of their adorable fur baby.  Although the dog has fur and is not human, it does not mean that he is not family.  

child and dogOn my last post, I told you about the affect that my childhood dog, Blackie, had on my life, even if I only had him for a short time. Blackie gives me sweet memories from my childhood. Blackie and I had a mutual love and adoration for each other. He accepted me, where much in my life I didn't always feel accepted. 


Our dogs accept the good, bad, and ugly about us. We don't have to pretend to be something we are not.  Our dogs protect us. We feel secure because they are there. My dog is a small Chihuahua but believe me, in his mind, he is king and he is large in size! He will not let danger come near us.

I often talk about what our dogs do for us. Think of how the love we show our dogs enriches their lives. I have read many touching stories about rescue dogs that have been adopted or fostered by loving dog parents.  That love that was given to the rescue dogs changed their whole world! Where would they be without those dog parents? They are very special people, a true gift.  Even now during the Coronavirus pandemic, there are several stories about the animal shelters being emptied because so many people are stepping forward to share their love for these animals that have been in the shelters.

dog parents and dog 

Dino was not a rescue dog but there were signs that he had been mistreated.  He is living a different life from how his life began.  He no longer has to be afraid.  That makes me feel so tingly inside that my family, especially his Dog Daddy (Louis, my husband), can give that to him. Dino was sent to us and we were sent to Dino.  What a gift!

huge dog and kids 

Top 5 Benefits of Owning a Dog:

  1. Dogs give companionship. They want to be with you and you have their attention.
  2. Dogs provide emotional bonds and they teach you not to be selfish and to care for others outside of yourself.
  3. Dogs give you a reason for physical exercise by taking them on walks and playing games with them.
  4. Dogs reduce stress.  Dogs can lower anxiety and blood pressure as I mentioned in a previous post. They also help with depression.
  5. Dogs add meaning and purpose to life. They give you a reason to get out of bed--literally.  They also help to prevent loneliness.  Dogs also give your life structure because they need you to take care of them.

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