Blackie, My Little Black Puppy

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black lab puppy I have two older brothers who are 9 and 11 years older than me. When I was a little girl, there were many times I felt like an only child because of the age difference. They were teenagers and eventually adults. As teenagers, they had their own friends and own activities that they spent their time doing, leaving very little time or attention for me. As young adults, they were living on their own in their own homes and just living their life. My parents were older, meaning they had me later in life. So I had to entertain myself a lot of the times.

My mother thought that I would like to have a dog. One day she brought home an black puppy who was so adorable and cuddly. Naturally, because I was so imaginative and creative, I named him 'Blackie'. I loved that puppy. I played with him. I hugged him. Most importantly, I talked to him. He was like my best friend. I can probably say that Blackie knew me more than anyone on earth. I told Blackie everything and I told Blackie things I hadn't told anyone else.

I loved Blackie because he never judged me. He never scolded me. He loved me, no matter what. 

He sat attentively as I told him about my day and I told him about my problems. He seemed to understand exactly how I was feeling at that moment. He was happy when I was happy and he shared my sadness when I was sad. When no one else seemed to be around to listen, Blackie was there.

There are studies of human and dog communication-how humans communicate with dogs and how dogs communicate with humans. Can dogs understand words or is it body language or voice pitch and sound levels? I believe that there is a combination of it all that creates the communication between humans and their dogs. But for Blackie and I, we had our own special bond where he was there to share my joys and pains until...

One day I came home from school. I looked everywhere for Blackie, screaming his name. 'Blackie! Blackie! Blackie!' I looked in the backyard, in the garage, on the side of the house. He was not a house dog so I knew he was not in the house.  I asked my mother, "Where's Blackie?!"  My mother answered as gently as she could find the words to say,"I'm sorry but we couldn't keep Blackie. Having a dog is a big responsibility. We couldn't care for him the way he needs to be taken care of." And then she added, "And anyway, I couldn't potty train that dog."

Although, I only had Blackie for a very short while, I will always remember my black "angel" that God provided just for me to listen to me and to love on me for that period of time.

"Puppies are nature's remedy for feeling unloved, plus numerous other ailments of life." Richard Allen Palm

I'm not saying that I was unloved but as a child I spent a lot of time alone. Those times alone sometimes brought about feelings where I longed to be around kids my own age.

Questions for you:




-What precious memories do you have about the relationship between you and your dog when you were a child?

-How did you and your dog communicate with each other? 





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