CO-Z NOZ Snufflemats are here!!!!!

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Snacks in Snufflemat 
CO-Z NOZ Snufflemat

Today I am introducing the "CO-Z NOZ Snufflemat"!

These snufflemats are perfect for providing stimulating entertainment as you encourage your dog to use his natural instinct of sniffing at meal or snack time. These mats are a fun and exciting way for your dog to eat his treats.
It is a dog toy in which dog treats are hidden within the strips of the mat. The dog then sniffs throughout the mat and finds his treats to eat. 
It is good for dogs of all ages, sizes, and skill levels.
  • This interactive activity builds confidence for shy or fearful dogs.
  • This interactive activity puts the dog's energy into a more productive sense of energy as they have fun in their searches for the overactive dog.
  • It helps with the sharpness of the brain for senior dogs.
  • It helps in the growth of our little puppies' cognitive development.
  • It easily burns lots of mental and physical energy for any dog.

The CO-Z NOZ Snufflemat is based on the idea of giving your dog a chance to tap into his own foraging and hunting instinct of sniff and search derived from his wolf ancestors. The foraging process of searching widely for food stimulates the pleasure centers of their brains.

dog brain  

This interactive source of entertainment is ideal for dogs who are bored and tired of his same old doggie toys. The snufflemat builds the dog's focus and scent detection.

Is your dog a fast eater? My dog, Dino, eats really fast. Not only does the snufflemat give him something productive and stimulating to do, it also makes him slow down his eating. Eating too fast can cause problems such as gagging, choking, and the problem of bloat which can be life threatening. When your dog eats too fast, the dog inhales air as he swallows. This can cause stomach or intestines to expand and twist. The snufflemat provides an activity that encourages sniffing and searching which takes time and makes him eat at a slower pace.

Instructions for use:

  1. Put the CO-Z NOZ Snufflemat down on the floor or wherever your dog would like to eat.
  2. While he is out of the room or does not see what you are doing, sprinkle some dry (opposed to wet) dog treats or food down into the fabric strips of the mat.
  3. Save one "sample" of the treat so that he can sniff it and look for more of the scent within the mat.
  4. Watch him sniff and eat his treat as he searches for more all throughout the mat. He will express pleasure and excitement as he wags his tail!
  5. Make sure you do not leave the dog unsupervised while he is "at work" with his  CO-Z NOZ Snufflemat. Some dogs may chew the fleece strips and potentially swallow them (may need to surgically remove the strips).
  6. Although the mat is durable, discard any pieces that may become separated.
  7. Store the mat somewhere else when not in use. Don't leave the mat on the floor within his reach between meals or in crates or kennels.
  8. Inspect regularly and replace if torn, broken, or damaged.
  9. Keep out of reach of children. 

Cleaning instructions:

  • You can spot clean as needed.
  • Machine washable. Gentle cycle in cold water. You can wash alone or with sheets, towels, or blankets. Can even be air dried or can be tumbled dried on low heat.

The CO-Z NOZ Snufflemat works perfectly with the You Make Life Cozy dog blanket as you tire out the dog using the mat to stimulate his mind, to excite his natural talents of sniffing and to work him out as he literally works for his meal. It is enough activity for your dog to be ready to curl up on his doggie blanket. Just like when we "tire out" our kids so they can get a restful night's sleep. 

new arrival clipart 

CO-Z NOZ Snuffemat!!!!!!!

Measurements: 12 in X 11 in 
Material: Fleece and plastic mat base     
Cleaning: Spot clean or machine washable 
Uses: Entertaining, sniffing dog toy 





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  • Great idea!! Would love to see a video of your dog Dino using the Snuggle-Mat🐶

    Annette on
  • Wow…What a creative idea!

  • What a great gift for the fury babies. So proud of what you are doing. Cant wait to see what’s next.

    Sabrina Roberts on
  • It’s looks like it would be very stimulating. Great idea!!!

    Pam on

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