Corona got us CRAZY!!!!

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The Coronavirus has got us going crazy.

The pandemic got us so paranoid.

Life as we know it has been changed . Unfortunately, it may take quite a while before we get back to what we know as normal.

I was talking to one of my closest friends on the phone last weekend. We were talking about how everyone has "lost their minds". She told me that she purposely went to a grocery store that is less busy than most. This particular store is more specialized in items and more expensive. As she walked through the store, it was not very crowded, just as she suspected. There was a lady there shopping who was in the same aisle as my friend.  My friend explained how frustrated she was getting, thinking about the lady "choosing" that aisle that she was in.  There were so many other aisles for her to occupy. 'Why are you in MY space? Find somewhere else to be!' she thought loudly in her mind.   

In all actuality the lady wasn't doing anything to bother anyone. She just happened to be in the same aisle.  

Now, my friend is one of the most friendliest people you ever want to know. She is what you call a social butterfly.  She makes you laugh.  My friend is always looking for someone to socialize with. She has no stranger.

So what's wrong with our "social butterfly"? What is this lady doing that could pose such a threat and make my friend so uncomfortable? As the days go by during this outbreak of COVID-19 and as we hear day after day how the numbers of casualties grow, we have become paranoid of getting hit with the virus. Since there is so much that we do not know about the Coronavirus, each day brings new information and more unanswered questions.  We are so paranoid that we are afraid of everything and everyone! 

So how crazy is it to be bothered with the presence of this lady who is sharing my friend's claimed space. The pandemic is creating such a scare that our every thought is obsessed with fear and paranoia.  

Under what we used to know as normal circumstances, my friend's anger would be perceived as crazy, but not now.  

-In what ways has your perspective or thoughts changed since Coronavirus came and took over our world?

-What do you imagine life to look like when we come out of self isolation?

-What can we do to turn things around to promote positivity and a bright future?

Friday, April 10, 2020 is National Hug Your Dog Day

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