Dino, My Family Black Chihuahua

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Dino black chihuahua

Dino came to us about 12 years ago as a puppy. A neighbor gave him to us.  She asked my husband if we would like a puppy for our 3 young sons.  She had a bigger dog whom she had for protection since she lived alone. She wanted to make sure Dino went to a good home. My husband ran home to see what I thought about it. We were already thinking about getting a dog anyway so we accepted. Dino came to us already potty-trained and with all his shots and supplies. We did more training for the boys on how to treat Dino and to not show fear than we did for Dino living with us. Dino could smell the fear in the kids. It seemed that he loved to growl at them as they walked by and to see the boys jump and tremble. 

boys and their dog

I will admit that my relationship with Dino has been rocky. Except for that short time that I had my little black dog, I did not grow up with a dog. Since both Dino and I have a stubborn streak, we bumped heads on showing who was boss. We now have come to terms and realize there's plenty of room for both of us and neither one is going anywhere. We are family and we love each other. He still loves my husband the most, no matter how much I feed him and rub on him. 


I learned alot about Chihuahuas as I prepared to write this post. I always thought Dino was just being Dino but Dino was actually jut being a Chihuahua.

Did you know...? 5 Facts I learned about Chihuahuas

  • Chihuahuas come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and with different types of hair. There are basically 2 types of Chihuahuas based on the shape of their head. There are the Apple Head and the Deer Head Chihuahua. Dino is a Deer Head Chihuahua. I always wondered why he did not look exactly like the typical dog known as the chihuahua. Also Deer Head Chihuahuas are taller and have a bigger body.
  • Chihuahuas can be a bit snobbish. They are not too friendly toward other breeds of dogs. We used to dog sit a Yorkshire Terrier for a close friend of ours. We would always laugh because Dino treated Kenzo like the typical little brother who gets on his nerves. Kenzo was younger and so energetic where Dino is just chilled back. Kenzo would try to get Dino to play with him and even just to notice him by following him around the house and copying Dino's every move. We always thought Dino was just being Dino because he had to share our attention with Kenzo. Dino is a jealous dog. He's even jealous of our fish, Caesar. 
  • Chihuahuas love their family but there is one person whom they are especially attached to. My husband is Dino's best, best human. Dino loves Louis no matter what. Their feelings are mutual! Dino longs for his presence and for his attention. He can't wait for Louis to take him on his daily walk. He just dances and wags his tail in anticipation.
  • In comparison to their small bodies, Chihuahuas have the biggest brain in the dog world.  They are considered to be very intelligent, quick-witted and fast learners.  In contrary, some trainers say that they are one of the top 5 hardest breeds to housebreak. Fortunately, when we were given Dino, he was already housebroken.  There have been some accidents and struggles with droppings, but overall, that has not been a big problem. Our biggest problem with Dino is going through the garbage in the house.  We have learned to keep all the garbage and trash out of reach from him.
  • Remember the Taco Bell chihuahua in the 90s and early 2000s?  His name was Gidget and he passed away in 2009.  Gidget was an important character who brought back the popularity of the Chihuahua.   
We appreciate you, Dino, for being in our lives!

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