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Who is your favorite dog cartoon?
Just to name a few, there is:  Scooby Doo, Marmaduke, Snoopy, Blues Clues, Clifford, the Big Red Dog, and Goofy. (I am probably dating myself, but oh well). Can you name more?
The top 3 cartoon dog characters for me are:
Snoopy; Clifford, the Big Red Dog; and Scooby Doo

Snoopy dog  Snoopy was Charlie Brown's best friend.  Snoopy had a little yellow bird sidekick name Woodstock.  I remember I had a really cool piggy bank in the shape of Snoopy.  I gave it to my nephew when he was a toddler.  I was so shocked to see how frightened he was of that bank.  Who could be afraid of Snoopy? Snoopy was so cool and laid back. Snoopy spent a lot of time sleeping and relaxing on top of his red doghouse. I loved when the Peanuts kids and Snoopy danced along with the music during their gatherings.


 I used to watch Clifford, the Big Red Dog with my sons when they were small children.  I loved Clifford because he was so fun loving.  He was loved by every one in the town.  Clifford used his extreme size as an advantage with the people in the town.  He was so lovable and so loving in return.  He was a hero to everyone! I loved him because he was just so sweet! I don't think I ever saw him angry.  

 The Great Dane, Scooby Doo, was the man or should I say the dog!  Shaggy and Scooby Doo worked hard to solve the mystery that often involved ghosts and some unexplained supernatural beings. He made me laugh on how he was so scary.  That great big dog was the scariest of the whole gang.  But then there would be some times when he would surprise you and save the day by rescuing the gang and by solving the mystery.  Many times his heroism was gained by pure clumsiness. 

I was just sitting on the couch thinking about my favorite cartoon characters and I realized that most of my favorites were dog characters. Dogs have a loving spirit and a playfulness that make them the perfect cartoon characters for children to love. The dogs always seem to come through for their owners and friends. 

  • Can you think of your favorite canine cartoon characters?
  • What did you love about them so much?
  • What do you think the dog characters would say or do during this Coronavirus crisis?   

 Snoopy:"Be cool! Stay safe and stay home!"

Clifford: "Let us all take this time at home to love each other and have fun!"

Scooby: "Come on, guys, let's solve the mystery of this Coronavirus ghost who is taking over the world!  We need to save our world!"

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