Happy Father's Day!

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Daddy and mefather passed
(This is my most favorite photograph of my daddy and I!)
We are celebrating our fathers today! Today I am going to give a special honor to the 2 best fathers I know---my father and my husband. They are two wonderful men and they both take the responsibility of fatherhood very seriously.
My father, James 'O' for Otis (I love his name), unfortunately died when I was 13 years old. He died of cancer. I was definitely a Daddy's girl and I felt his love and adoration for me. He had the sweetest and the wettest kisses! He was a very quiet yet strong soul of a man. He worked very hard to provide for his family. My father was a mailman in the days when the mailmen walked a lot from mailbox to mailbox to deliver the mail through snow, sleet, rain, or any type of weather! There also was a time when he drove the little mail truck. My father served in many roles in our church, too. He was the Superintendent of Sunday School, the president of the Mass Choir, and a deacon. My parents were married over 30 years! My father was a very busy man between his 2 jobs and his responsibilities at the church. I can remember some special times that I spent with him that I will hold onto those memories forever. I used to act like I was asleep on the couch so that he would carry me to bed for the night. He loved to listen to music and read in his spare time. He also was an affectionate man who wasn't afraid to show his feelings. That's why I respect a man who is able to show his emotions.
My own husband has many similar traits like my daddy even though they never met. I know that my father would have loved Louis. Both of them are music lovers of all kinds of music. They are both very nice, caring and giving  individuals with many different interests. Those were the traits that most attracted me to my husband when we were dating. 
My father was a very special man who I love very much.
young family
Happy Father's Day to my husband, Louis! He is the father of my 3 sons, ages 22, 19, and 15, Jarrett, Jalen, and Jordan and our Chihuahua, Dino, and beta fish, Caesar (we just got another fish but he doesn't have a name yet). My husband is a great father who is very conscious of his job as father to our boys. He is constantly teaching the boys life lessons to equip them for life. He works extremely hard and makes many sacrifices in order to provide for his family to make sure we have what we need. All 3 of my sons take on different characteristics from him. They all respect their father and want to make him proud. Louis is an excellent example to my sons of how a man should take care of his family. When the boys were young teenagers, Louis was always teaching them lessons and we referred to the boys as "Men in Training"!
Louis is an excellent cook, entrepreneur, and hard and efficient worker in the financial industry. He encourages and supports us all in our endeavors and goals. 
father to the world
In generations before, fathers' main responsibility was to hunt, protect, and provide for the family. Those responsibilities still apply but fathers these days seem to be more active in their children's lives.  Quality time is important!
daddy thumb 
Thank you, Louis, for all that you do for our family!
Thank you, Daddy, for all that you did for me, my brothers and mother. Miss you!
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the Fathers!
Fatherhood is more than providing financially but fatherhood is teaching and being there for your children.

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  • Happy father’s day… Reading your post brought back memories of me and my dad. We were closes and I miss him much.
    You are so fortunate to had the time with your dad and blessed to have a stand up husband that’s a great father.

    Jacquelyn M. Britt on
  • What a Beautiful Tribute
    Well deserved for both of them Happy Father’s Day

    Sabrina Roberts on

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