Hindsight is always 20/20

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 Thank God that we have made it into 2021! We can look forward to what this new year can deliver to us. At the end of the year, we often reflect back on what the year was life for us; the lessons we have learned and what blessings that we received. Year 2020 was very unusual year for all of us. Life, as we knew it, changed in so many different ways. How do we move forward and make the best our of what is ahead?

We are now here in 2021 embracing the possibilities and new beginnings that the new year brings.

As I have set my goals, I first looked back at 2020 and thought about my takeaways and how I can make 2021 a better and more prosperous year for myself and my family.

I walked away from 2020 with these 3 thoughts:

 1) As I search and discover, it gives me hope. As our world was flipped upside down, we had to make some significant adjustments in order to function. The time in isolation gave me time to try some things that I have not tried before but only talked about. I made a decision to put forth action to those things that I had simply wished for.

To bring forth action, I "searched and discovered" just as we describe the activity involved in the Snufflemat where the dog searches and then discovers his dog treats.

Right before the pandemic hit us and closed us up, my husband and I stepped forward and rented an antique booth in a local antique mall. We had talked about it years ago but never pursued it. We came across some really interesting items to sell in our booth. Some of the items required a little fixing and TLC. This was not exactly the first time that I had refinished or refurbished anything but it was the first time it was for someone outside my family.

I discovered how important it is to me, to create a real place that can be called home, that safety place. It is not just nice items that make a home but it also includes the condition of the relationships of the people that live with you. Not only the relationships of the people who live with you but also the relationship that you have with yourself. Since we searched to collect items to put in the store, we discovered how to find value in life. Sometimes it is not so easy to find value, you have to look beyond what is seen by the naked eye, you look deeper for potential or you look from a different perspective.

Also as I searched on how to do business and discovered that You Make Life Cozy could really become a reality. That gave me hope. Hope that my life could really change. I can make things happen, hence, You Make Life...

I discovered that in your searching, you make discoveries of what you want, what you don't want, what is possible, and what may not be possible or desirable. You just have to make the effort to find out about life. You have to take action. Stop talking and do! You will never know what you will discover about yourself and about life and the world.

 2) "Hindsight is always 20/20".  The year 2020 should have taught us some important lessons because it brought so many changes.

Vision 2020: Exposure & Revelation

The year 2020 gave me vision. While my future is not so crystal clear but a light was shown on the possibilities. I was exposed to some improvements in my life because I actually took steps to make some things happen. I also stayed in the game without quitting when it got tough or when my mind tried to discourage me. As I had reached some accomplishments, I was exposed to a level of success and it was revealed to me that I can succeed, I will succeed, and I am a success. 

I can... I will... I am...!

 3) Most importantly, I learned that God truly is my source. He is bigger than COVID-19, any other COVID variant, and Trump. They are powerful but they are no powerful than GOD! I saw that it was because of God's love and His blessings that brought me and my family thus far!

I learning how to let go and let God take care of the matters of this world. My second son is in college. When the coronavirus took over, his college closed and he had to come home for several months. Last fall in August, the schools opened back up and naturally he wanted to go back. Well, we insisted that he stay home and take classes online for a semester. We tried everything to convince him to stay home with us. I mean...EVERYTHING!!! After lots of fighting, threatening, guilt tripping, bribing, he decided to go back to school anyway. My husband and I were heartbroken. I felt like I was sending my son off to war. In my mind, that war was COVID! My son felt that this was something that he had to do this for himself. He had to take back his independence. My son's girlfriend mother was very helpful to me. She talked and checked on me often during that time because she knew I was so hurt and so scared for my son. She constantly told me that I had to trust God that He would take care of and protect our children (her daughter was going back to another college). It was all in God's hands. My husband and I finally came to that revelation and we had to let go and let God.

Actually my son is doing exceptionally well. He is doing very well academically. He is maturing and he is learning to make decisions for his life instead of just going with the flow. Our conversations are so much more adult-like now. He is even helping me with the business. Although I am still afraid for him, I keep him in my daily prayers and trust that God will take care of him. God is our protector, our refuge, and our source. Everything comes from God.

I have also been blessed that I still have my job and I work from home. My job have very high expectations and it is very stressful at times but I am grateful for that job right now. My husband still has his job and he worked at home too for several months then he changed offices and now he goes into the office. It is a small office of only about 2-3 people working. His job involves sales and his sales have been good even through the pandemic. I know it is because of the grace of God that He has provided for us, way beyond any other time in our lives and He has protected us from the virus and among other evils that lurk in the darkness. I thank God that we are thriving in many ways when circumstances should say otherwise. 

With these 2020 takeaways, I feel hopeful, blessed and optimistic about this year. I feel that if I continue to push forward, work hard, and believe in myself, I will see some awesome blessings and accomplishments. I am declaring that 2021 is my turnaround year!


I got my goals in place.   I got my action plan in place.

Now I have to commit to commit to go after my goals and DON'T QUIT!

Happy New Year!   2021 - Year of Action

I have dipped my toes in the water, now it's time to dive on in!

Call to action:

What takeaways do you have from 2020?

How will those takeaways help you as we begin 2021?

What are some things that you need to 'let go and let God'? 




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  • Great post very inspiring, thanks for sharing your story. You give me hope.

    Jacquelyn Britt on
  • Happy New Year! Wishing you much success this year!

    Pat Arnold on

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