In Celebration of National Dog Day...

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National Dog Day!!!!

This past week, so many dog lovers and dog parents recognized National Dog Day. Many people celebrated their furry baby in so many different ways. Many treated their dogs to long walks, exciting car rides, days full of fun that included playful games, tight hugs and wet kisses, and special doggie treats. Everywhere I looked, I saw people showing love to their dogs.

dogs in the flower garden

My contribution to National Dog Day involves the addition of more blankets to our inventory.

Dogs are my Favorite People 

Dogs Are My Favorite People

Red paw prints in plaid 

Red Paw Prints in Plaid 

Tan Paw Prints in Plaid 

Tan Paw Prints in Plaid

In earlier posts, we discussed various benefits of owning a dog. Listed below are the top 5 benefits:

  1. Companionship-Man's Best Friend
  2. Emotional Bonds-The relationship between human and dog is based on emotions and dependency upon each other
  3. Physical Exercise-Dogs require a daily walk and various tasks of care (feeding, bathing, grooming, etc.)
  4. Stress Reliever-Petting/Stroking (drop in heart rate, lower blood pressure, and reduced stress) and relationship of support and comfort
  5. Meaning and Purpose-Gives dog owners reason to live simply because of the benefits above

The love we have for our furry babies is real. Our furry babies have an unbreakable love for us.

We don't have to wait for a special day or a designated holiday to show our dogs how much we love and appreciate them. We can do that on any day. 

Visit the product page on to check out our blanket designs that illustrate the personification of the human/dog interaction and connection. They, along with this blog,represent the family living life with their family dog(s). family with their dog family life with dog




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  • I remember when I had a dog as a pet. Sheba full blooded German Shepherd. She used to greet me with great joy. 😂 I truly miss everything you spoke of the walks, companionship, her human like ways.
    I am even considering having another pet to complete my family ties.

    Jackie Britt on

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