January is Walk Your Dog Month

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National Walk Your Dog Month  January is designated as Walk Your Dog Month. To many of us, walking your dog isn't particularly something you put much thought to, you just walk your dog so that he can do "his business". Actually this activity can mean more to both you and your dog. It's all in how you look at it!

In our family, we take Dino out 3 times a day, after every meal. My husband takes him out first thing in the morning for his long walk. I take him out for his afternoon lunch walk which is more of just going out to pee-pee and either I or one of my sons will take him out again for his evening after dinner walk. 

Every morning Dino looks forward to going on that walk with Louis. Dino is excited because he is together with his favorite hooman. Dino has the freedom to sniff and explore his surroundings, knowing that his hooman will protect him from anything that could harm him. There are neighborhood dogs that Dino may encounter and may get into a scuffle with but Dino can depend on 'Dear 'Ol Dad' that no dog will get near him or hurt him. Dino is not really what you would consider a friendly dog so he doesn't make friends or is very playful with other dogs. Dino is all about HIS family so we know that any encounter with any other dogs would not be particularly pleasant. 

Most mornings my husband enjoys taking Dino out for his walk except when the weather is crummy or when he, himself, is feeling crummy. On good mornings Louis enjoys getting out early in the quiet and stillness to start the day. Louis uses the walks as a form of exercise and time for prayer, creativity and planning for the day. Usually when he gets back, he says something like, "You know what I was thinking about when I was walking Dino...?" This time gives him realizations, new ideas, and helps him to see what is going on in the neighborhood.

Dino enjoys those walks too. I love Dino's "take me out NOW dance". Dino is a really laid-back dog except for when it is time for his morning walk. First, he stretches all along his body from his night's sleeping position being all curled up in his doggie bed. Then he follows Louis' every move around the house, as though to make sure he is not forgotten on going out for the walk. If my husband is taking too long (according to Dino's time clock), Dino will start his dance and if that doesn't work, he will bite and pull on Louis' pant leg to rush him along. After Dino has "scarfed" down his breakfast (is "scarfed" a real word? I have always used that word to mean to eat really fast without breathing, tasting, or enjoying the food), he sits and sticks his neck out to allow you to put his leash on. Now Dino is ready to go. He has no patience for any more delays. 

As soon as he gets out the door, he lets out a bark to let the world know that he is coming out. I also think he barks to make sure he still got it. As he walks, Dino walks tall and proud, although he is a Chihuahua. When he smells, sees, hears or senses that some human(s), animals, or other dog(s) are ahead on his path, his hair literally stands up along the back of his neck. I love that! He puts out his caution sign of stranger danger. Dino takes care of his business while he explores the world.

  I was reading an article the other day in The Dog People blog at Rover.com called "January is Walk your Dog Month: Here's How to Do It Right".  It discussed about how to walk your dog. Just like with our children, we often wing it, not really realizing that there is a right way of walking your dog. I'm thinking I just take the dog outside to let him relieve himself, make sure he doesn't get hurt or get into anything that would be harmful to him and pick up and dispose of his poop. Now this article has got me thinking about the right kind of leash that Dino should be wearing, the right poop bag, and if he needs a jacket or sweater. By the way, Dino does not like clothes or those cute outfits and we live in Georgia where it doesn't get real cold. 

dog on a leash 

So my call to action is to help me to find the perfect leash for my dog. My husband recently threw away the green leash that we had when we first got Dino. We have some other leashes but they don't fit around his small neck as well as the old one did. But we need to move onto something new, I guess. It's time. 

Do any of you have any suggestions as to any leashes that may be a great for my dear Dino?

  • Dino is a small dog at about 8 lbs. As said before, he is a Chihuahua. 
  • Dino is well behaved and an older dog who is not very active.
  • He doesn't usually pull unless he is in one of his stubborn moods and he insists on going his way. This is not all the time.

I started this pet business because of my love for Dino. He is family and I take care of my family. I love the dog blankets because I want him to be warm and cozy. I don't know everything about dogs and caring for them. Since starting You Make Life Cozy, I have been learning so much and always open to learn more. 

Please share your suggestions for leashes or should I just go back to the basic strong nylon leash?

keep calm and walk the dog 


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