National Dog Mom Day!!!!!

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Dog writing a letter 

Dear Dog Mom,

Thank you, Dog Mom, for caring for me and caring about me.  Where would I be without you? I don't even want to think about where I could be had you not chosen me to be apart of your family. 

I thank you for making sure my needs are met like eating, keeping me warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and giving me plenty of hugs. I thank you for taking me on walks everyday so that I can do my business and explore the world! I even love it when we go riding in the car. I love it when the windows are open and I get to put my head out to feel the wind! I gotta tell you that I don't like when you 'ride' me to that person who hurts me with those needles and pokes all over me. Why do you let him bother me so? I don't like him.

Dog Mom, thank you for cleaning up my messes like when I go through the garbage and when I get sick from eating too much or eating something that doesn't agree with my delicate tummy. 

Thank you so much for loving me. I get so excited when you walk through the door from being gone so long during the day. I wait anxiously on seeing you every day! Thank you for my toys and my doggy bed.  You always make sure I am comfortable.  

Thank you for protecting me from other dogs and other people when we go on our walks. Thank you, Mommie Dearest, for playing with me. I love it when you talk to me. I show you that by wagging my tail as I dance with excitement and I give you nice wet kisses with my tongue all over your face!

dog shaking off water with girl 

Even though I hate getting wet when you clean me, I love it when its all over. First, I get to shake off the water and then you dry me off with a fuzzy towel.  Then I get to finish it off by running all around the house to make sure my fur is dry.  I rest so good after that! 

Life is so good!

Dog Mom, thank you for everything you do just for me. I love you!

Happy National Dog Mom Day!

puppy love with a rose

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