National Dog Week is September 20-26!!!

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National Dog Week - September 20-26

national dog week
This week is National Dog Week, according to We recently celebrated National Dog Day on August 26. Now we have the whole week to give our furry babies some extra love!
I wanted to share with you the day that I realized that I "love" Dino as part of my family.
I never considered myself as an animal person. I liked animals if they were really cute and playful at other person's house. THEN we were given Dino, our chihuahua. My relationship with Dino did not start particularly loving. We were both in competition for our positions in the family. I am the woman, the wife, the mother in a family of all males. He fought for his permanent position as the family dog and life companion of my husband, his favored human. Well, I am the life companion of my husband, too! I felt that I am the human and I am the commander and what I say goes. We both had our moments of power play where I am trying to be boss and Dino is saying 'You can't tell me what to do!'  
About 9 or 10 years ago, we had a family crisis which really tested our faith and our resilience to stand in this intense disaster. One afternoon, my husband and I were downstairs sitting on the couch in the living room. My husband and I both were full time adult college students working towards getting our college degrees. We were both sitting on the couch studying.
All of a sudden, it got real cloudy outside and it looked as if the whole world moved in slow motion. A row of trees from the back of the house, slowly fell on our house. There was so much damage done to our home. My three sons were upstairs playing video games in the 2 younger sons' bedroom. My husband and I quickly ran up the stairs. As we were running up the stairs I remember seeing fuzz from the insulation which would be in the attic. When we got upstairs, the boys were there to meet us at the top of the stairs. The bedroom they were playing in had a huge tree branch come through the roof with leaves and debris all over their room leaving a great big hole in the roofs of both of the bedrooms belonging to my boys. 
Right before the trees fell on the house, Dino tipped away and hid which we found kind of strange. Of course, we didn't know what was happening next...
The whole back of the house was destroyed and water was coming through the house, just everywhere.  Thankfully, my neighbors came running from all directions to see if we were okay and to help in any way they could.
While everyone was clearing out the house and moving furniture into the garage to prevent any further water damage, I was gathering the kids and Dino to figure out everyone's whereabouts and next steps. Dino was in the car to make sure we didn't lose him in all of the commotion. Our neighbor's roommate came out to the car to get Dino out of the car and to come into their house. Why? I don't know why. Usually he is very quiet, one with few words. I don't even think I have had a complete conversation with him ever. This particular evening he had a few drinks and now his "other" side was up and popping. He continuously was calling out to Dino, make Dino angry. By this time, Dino was very much on the defense where he was growling and the hair on the back of his neck was standing up. Dino was ready to attack. While the neighbor was heckling Dino, I felt myself getting extremely mad! I yelled at him to leave Dino alone! The Protector Me starting coming out, the same Me that comes out when my children are in any type of danger. That's when I realized then that I truly 'love' Dino and he IS a member of the family.  Considering all our run-ins, no longer was Dino that dog or creature that is in our house everyday, he is my dog and my family. I love Dino!

                  love chihuahua

 Dino is family and I love him!

Let's spend this week showing our dogs extra love this week. We can celebrate his position as part of the family and devoted friend!

celebration for the dog 

Have a wonderful National Dog Week-September 20-26!


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