Wednesday, August 26 is National Dog Day!

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National Dog Day  
I am looking forward to celebrating our first National Dog Day! It is a day to celebrate and show appreciation for your dogs. The main point in celebrating National Dog Day, founded by Colleen Paige in 2004, is to "promote adoption and the health and wellness of dog everywhere" ( On this day, we are to give our dogs (and others) our love, compassion, respect, and the protection that they deserve (
Colleen Page is a Pet and Family Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate. She designated August 26 as National Dog Day because August 26 is the day her father adopted their family dog when she was a teenager. For more information on National Dog Day, refer to
Dog Day Activity Suggestions:
-Make a donation to an animal welfare organization such as a blanket, dog food, and toys
-Go for a long walk in a new place
-Bake a dog friendly treat or biscuit
-Buy your dog a special collar and leash
-Give your dog a massage
"When I needed a hand, I found your paw." Unknown
give dog extra

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  • Great Article! I’m very excited for National Dog Day!!

    Jarrett Young on

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