What Do We Say About 2020?

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Before the turn of the new year of 2020, we were very much in anticipation of what was ahead for us. We expected turnarounds and clarity as indicated by the number of 2020 in reference to eyesight measures. Although it may have brought turnarounds and clarity, it definitely didn't come like we expected. No one could have predicted this (except those who knew about COVID-19). So much has gone on this year-COVID-19, Shelter in Place, Illnesses/End of Life, Black Lives Matter, Racial Equality/Diversity/Inclusion, Unemployment, Small Business, New Way of Doing Business, 2020 Elections, New Look of Education, etc. Every aspect of life has been affected by the Coronavirus. Our world has changed around us and we are all trying to figure out how to live in this changed world.
Now we are in the last quarter of the year, 2020 is not over yet. We still have about 2 1/2 months to go to accomplish our goals. The last quarter also involves the Holiday season, 2020 Elections, overall planning for next step or phase, and the reflection of how we have been. So we have some decisions to make as this year gets ready to close. The decisions involve analyzing our values and prioritizing what is most important us. 
How are we going to do the upcoming holidays? Right now, we are probably trying to find creative and fun ways to do Halloween. Advisors have advised against trick or treating, trunk 'n treat, and haunted houses. Then in November, the traditional family gatherings for Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping (usually starting Thanksgiving night after dinner and the day after Thanksgiving). And this leads into Christmas. Christmas includes gift-giving, gift shopping, Christmas sales, and Christmas family gatherings.
With everything happening, especially with the Coronavirus, this year will look totally different. This post is to talk a little bit on the Holiday shopping trends for 2020. 
  • This year the Holiday season has now begun- the middle of October, marked by the postponed October 13 & 14 for Amazon Prime where "special" customers have exclusives deals, discounts, and extra benefits and perks. With the longer shopping season, businesses are preparing and offering more inventory and more deals during this holiday season.
  • There has been a tremendous increase in online shopping:   190 million Americans shopped  online or in-store during Black Friday weekend in 2019; Shelter-in-place has taught us to shop online to get what we need and what we want; COVID-19 calls for social distancing, protecting yourselves with masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectants, and frequent cleaning. Contact-less shopping helps to fight against the pandemic.
  • Consumers are looking for gifts that are more traditional and basic. In previous years, many people have given gifts of experiences and for memories such as vacations with family and/or friends or events and tourist attractions. Experiences such as helicopter rides, retreats, and various forms of education and personal development have been given to loved ones as a way to express love and to help others to create a more exciting and fulfilling life. While we still want to provide "good times" for our loved ones, we are thinking of more basic gifts that can be enjoyed now safely and within our homes and as we are home. What comes mostly to mind are toys, electronics, and hobbies/crafts/projects-things that are used in our homes.
In light of these projected holiday shopping trends, the holiday season for You Make Life Cozy has begun. We look forward to offering great deals for gifts for your furry family member and furry pal.

Stay tuned for our Christmas specials, discounts, and free shipping. Get your pup a nice, comfy blanket to rest upon and a Snufflemat as he flexes his sniffing muscles- all while you are safe at home. 

I wish you all a Merry and Peaceful Christmas Season and a Happy and Prosperous New Year! (Feels weird to say it so early but that is where we are now.)


By the way, we have restored our inventory with new additions and new blanket designs. I also made more Snufflemats and more to come. 


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