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It took me a while to write this blogpost because I really felt it was necessary to use my platform to speak on what is right and correct...

We talk week after week about how much we love our dogs. Where is the love that we have for humans? We have been showing so much compassion as we all have been affected by the Coronavirus. Why are there people who have chosen to ignore what is happening and been happening to people of color? Not only is it from the police department and the law but racism is present in every institution. It is present in the job market as well as within the workplace. It is present in housing. It is present in the health industry. It is present in education. It is present in the financial institution (in all levels and industries). It is present in economics. It is present in the entertainment industry. It is present in the business world. It is present in the Church and religion. It is also present in the sports industry. It is present in politics, too. It is present everywhere! Still it remains in year 2020!

The thing that saddens me most is when oppression and injustice is exposed through actions that are done to Black people, while other people, who are not minorities, ignore it and chose to act as if it is not happening or they somehow think that the mistreatment is deserved. I have 3 sons, a husband, 2 brothers, many nephews, cousins, and friends. While we are all created equal, somehow that fact has gotten lost somewhere..Still it remains in year 2020!

I live outside of Atlanta, GA. Friday night was the first time since the Coronavirus stay at home order that our oldest son went to visit his friend for a few hours. While my husband and I are strongly reminding him of all the conditions and rules for protecting himself in this pandemic, we had the added fear of something happening to our son who happens to be a young Black man. Friday night was the first night of protesting in downtown Atlanta. The protesting was for the recent injustices done toward Black people.  The injustices include the murder of George Floyd by the policemen, the killing in Brunswick, GA, of Ahmed Arbery while he was out jogging, the Black man bird watching when a white woman called the police on him reporting that he threatened her life because he asked her to put her dog on a leash, and many other incidents. Can you imagine all the scenes that were going through my mind of what could happen? Can you imagine the relief that I felt when he walked through the door? All night Thursday, my prayers were filled with asking God to protect him from the Coronavirus, to give him wisdom in exercising safety precautions in social distancing, wearing a mask and cleanliness. When I saw the protesting on TV on Friday evening, my prayers quickly expanded to God, please protect him from the dangers of the streets and asking God not to allow him to go to the protest locations throughout Atlanta. Although I am in agreement of the purpose of the protests, I don't want anything to happen to my son. 

Every Black generation shares these stories of the oppression of our people and the violence brought about on us. Many families have been broken up, women disgraced, and men brutally minimized to be less than human. We spend many days feeling frustration and weariness of the constant struggle of trying to live up to our human potential. It is our history and it is our present. Still it remains in year 2020! Can we believe that this will still be a part of our future?

We are a resilient, fierce, and strong-willed people! I just don't understand why we have to constantly try to prove that we are worthy of being loved, cared for, and to be given fair treatment. I don't understand why life has to be so hard. We tell our children that they can be whoever they want to be but we also have to tell them the "rules of the road" as they leave the house and face the world. We have to arm them for the fight against them because they are black. Black refers to the color of their skin. Black is part of their identity, not the full picture of who they are. It is just what they see. It is what is seen but what is perceived? Unfortunately that's 2 different pictures.

This is who they are...

Dad's boys

This is who they see...

gangsta kids 

My plea here is to find the love that we had for each other during the pandemic. We were all fighting together. On the last post, I celebrated the works that are being done to save and care for rescue dogs. It is beautiful how people have really stepped up in fostering and adopting animals to clear the animal shelters during the Coronavirus crisis. It has been great! Why can't we have the same or even more compassion for all of mankind, no matter if they have a different skin color, different race, different culture, different political party preference, different education, different age, different home or part of town/neighborhood, just different.

Can we please stand together for what is right? Can we stand together for justice for all mankind? Why must people of color fight alone? Is it right to look the other way from what is happening? You think it doesn't affect you but it does. How can we make this world a better world, a world full of love, fairness and opportunity?

Desmond Tutu said, "If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor."

Netflix neutral

Remember what we said about the Coronavirus? We said that we are all in this together. Where is the love?

It's not just a Black fight, it's a human fight! Black lives really do matter.



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  • This article shines the light on how we are dealing with two pandemics here. Not only is the Coronavirus something we are fighting to overcome but injustice against black lives is as well and we have been fighting this battle even longer! We need individuals to take action and stand in the shoes of those who are victims. There needs to be action against racial injustice in America the same way there is action in finding a vaccine for Coronavirus.

    Jarrett on
  • “Where is the Love” nice touch. As I read the post I got teary eyes and that is because I share them same emotions and concerns and worries about the men that is in my family especially my son that can be easily racial profiled because of their appearance not only their black skin, but their hair styles like dreadlocks or wearing a durag. My sons are hard working, family oriented, and goal driven men. With so many deaths of black men by police, it hurt me to have a constant conversation with my sons on what to do if they get pulled over by police for whatever reason. I wonder do any other race have to have this same conversation with their love ones. I wonder!! Just to wrap this up, I will like the record to reflect that I still practice and teach love. For Greater is He that is in me then he that is in the world.

    Jacquelyn Britt on
  • Great article! I think the world as a whole needs to show love to everybody because at the end of the day regardless of our skin, hair, bodies, etc. we are all human beings and we should be treated equally. This article hit many of the important topics in today’s society. I enjoy reading your different articles when you post so keep it up.

    Kim on

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