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family during the holidayThe attached video below inspired me to take time to reminisce the good times I experienced with my family.  All families look different as they come in different colors, sizes, attitudes, styles, beliefs, personalities, locations, cultures, races, backgrounds, ages, etc. This picture to the left is my family but I think about the many family gatherings we had with my aunts, uncles, brothers, and cousins from my mother's side. My mother came from a family of 5 girls and 5 boys.  They all had their own personalities and they all had a funny side to them.  Unfortunately, all of my aunts and uncles have passed away, including my own parents. It was weird how each time one of them passed, I felt like a piece of me and my childhood was gone along with them.  I had my own personal relationship and set of memories with each of them.  

When we would have family reunions, I always felt so loved. I felt like a celebrity because everyone "knew" me just as I knew everyone else.  From my first cousins, I was born within the "last batch" before the older cousins started having their own children.

All of us cousins have this common bond that make us a part of the Britt Family, The Britt 10.  Having this commonality gives me this feeling of privilege.  When we would get together, the family laughed, hugged, and told old time stories.  I love those stories! They are so funny! With all of the love in the atmosphere, I also felt protected because we are all one and we are all here together, having each other's back. 

When I watch this video, it gives me such a happy feeling of togetherness.  It also gives me a sense of pride of the "tribe" that I am part of.  

Family Time (2009)  is sang by Ziggy Marley, one of the legendary Bob Marley's sons.  I love the happy feeling that the video gives as it depicts the warm sweet fellowship of family when they get together.  Every family has its share of problems because no one is perfect and no family is perfect.  But every human longs to belong, to be accepted, and to be loved.

The COVID-19 crisis has put us in a state of uncertainty and anxiety as our mind is flooded with what's next.  When will we ever get out of this?  As we shelter at home, we spend day after day and hour after hour with our family.  We have our idea of what family should be like and what family really is.  Since we are all in this together, what are some things that we can all do to make this time with our families more precious and memorable.  How can we strengthen our ties with each family member, enough to last a lifetime?

For my family, I can:

  1. Show appreciation more by saying "Thank you" more often.
  2. Create activities of entertainment that includes everyone in the family.
  3. Tell my family members that I love them more often.
  4. Pray for each person's needs to be met and dreams to be fulfilled.  Pray for their well-being and thank God that they are in my life.

What can you do for your family and what can you do with your family during the quarantine?

Let's learn to treasure our families, both in the house and out of the house.


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