About Us

I'd like you to meet Dino, our black Chihuahua. He is the inspiration behind the creation of the doggie blankets. He loves soft materials and he uses his paws to maneuver the blanket to bunch up to create the softness and warmth to surround his body. Dino loves to be warm and covered under blankets, especially alongside a family member. Dino is a very laid back dog. His personality fits right in with the people of our family. He is calm and is content with lying closely and getting his belly rubbed. He does not like loud noises or chaos. If the environment is not ideal for him, he will simply leave the room. Dino loves and wants his family close to him. His greatest bond is with my husband, Louis. Dino and Louis have an unbreakable bond.   

You Make Life Cozy Dog Blankets

You Make Life Cozy dog blankets are unique in that each print is specifically chosen with you, the dog lover, and your dog, in mind to provide the 3 C's: Comfort, Celebration and acts of being Cherished. Dogs love to curl up in their own space to find the perfect position as they snooze throughout the day. The prints also give style and self expression to any home decor with vibrant colors.  The size of the blankets are ideal for small to medium dogs as they snuggle up tightly to find their own comfort.  The size is also great as the blankets can be used as a covering on the doggie bed and/or the crate, on the back car seat,  and home furniture such as the bed, couch or arm chairs. 

Dimensions are 30 inches by 36 inches

Fleece fabric

Machine Washable

Assorted colors and prints